Political Sabotage – The National Sport of Australia

August 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

So, they’re at it again – “Abbott is on the ropes”,  “The Death Blow”.
I am always concerned when the Commenteriat claims to have their finger on the public pulse. Jennifer Hewett  arrogantly assumes that while the public is ‘appalled by the political drama’ surrounding the Abbott government, the same public is satisfied by the media coverage of these events. Nothing is further from the case.
The public is tired and frustrated by the now endemic cycle of the media Illuminati pouring petrol onto the slightest smoulder of discord and then providing limitless amount of oxygen to the flame. The second that detonation occurs, the same protagonists fill page after page with informed review of where the deposed leader went wrong and why the party must rebuild and refocus.
The incredible damage this new paradigm is doing to this great land is irreversible. The Country’s interests come last, commentary is now more about raising the status of the journalist involved than doing anything for Australia. It would appear that sitting back and throwing grenades at the country’s highest office for personal and professional status is the new national sport.

In this environment, how is it possible for any government to implement long term strategy?

Instead of exposing them for saboteurs, the media will give one or two recalcitrant backbenchers more oxygen than they will the rest of the party governing Australia. It is clear that their agenda is disruption and chaos. They thrive on it.

Sack the bastards. They do the people of this country no good.

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