The ABC…Australia’s Third Biggest Political Party

September 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

I hate politics….I just want to get on with business.

I never started out to make this a political blog, but with events of recent days, it’s hard not to throw in my two bob’s worth.

The ABC has always pretended to love Malcolm. They laugh and giggle with him and treat him like the grand old statesman of Australian politics. Compare the way the ABC’s chief attack agent, Leigh Sales, treats Malcolm as opposed to Tony. The following clip shows her allowing Malcolm to finish his responses without interruption;

On the other hand….her interview with Tony;

The ABC elevated Malcolm because they hated Tony and his old school values. In his role as a beaten leader who had been offered the olive branch of communications minister, Malcolm could afford to sit back, be middle road, and be everyone’s friend as he didn’t actually have to achieve anything. He offered a reasonable approach that didn’t have to fight unions, didn’t have to defend a budget, didn’t have to deal with anything of substance. He could be mister nice guy and slid easily into the alternative prime minister slot that the ABC created for him. Sure enough, between the ABC and Malcolm chipping away at Tony, Malcolm is now prime minister.

What’s changed. While the ABC and others would have you believe that there is dancing in the streets….what’s changed? I defy any one of those celebrating to tell me what the difference is between Tony Abbott’s policies and those of Malcolm Turnbull. I felt very sad for Tony yesterday as the media stuck the knife in and twisted it by highlighting those few tweets that mocked our prime minister’s term in office (Put out your onions, Tony’s biggest gaffs).

The instant gratification generation have been rewarded for the superficial view of the future and of Australian politics. They always say it takes three generations……one to create wealth, one to build it and one to lose it. Welcome to the third stage!

Well Malcolm, things are about to change old boy! Your agreement with the ABC has now been torn up. Having knocked off Tony Abbott, the ABC will now focus on knocking you off so that Bill Shorten can take your place.

Watch this space.

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