The Greens………..God bless ’em

September 8, 2015 § 3 Comments

Ya gotta be honest in a blog….otherwise what’s the point. So I’ll admit in my uni days (yes, even hardrock miners go to uni), I may have partaken in some whacky tobaccy, but these days with all the drug tests at the mine, you just can’t do that sorta thing.

Do they have drug tests at Parliament House?

Fair dinkum, these Greens must be on something, or maybe they’re just high on their version of life. Listening to parliament on my way from underground to the processing plant, I heard one of them calling the government “Rudderless”. They love that stuff, don’t play the ball, play the man. He went on to say that it was not the senate blocking the Government’s bid for reform, it was the Government’s fault because they were not bringing policies to the senate that were in line with what the Greens stood for….

The Greens are a minority party. To think that the Government who won 50% of the vote at the last federal election should modify their policies for approval of a party that received 8% of the vote is just plain arrogant and ludicrous. To think that the media give the Greens as much oxygen as they do is just as ludicrous. However the media love to stir the pot, and when you have a bunch of loonies spruiking all sorts of ridiculousness, how can they resist?

The one I really love is that we can stop mining coal in Australia and replace that industry with solar power and windmills. Muppets! We sell our coal overseas….it gives us an income. We buy solar technology from China…….we spend money. So the Green’s economic model for Australia’s future is to replace an income with a spending habit. Brilliant!!!  But….it’s all for a good cause; global warming………climate change……..the doc won’t let me buy enough blood pressure tablets for me to compose myself to write a blog about that!

These people hate the establishment and love to deconstruct. They talk about the future and the effects that ……you know……climate change….Denier!!…Denier!!……will have on future generations, yet they have no problem tearing down the economic policies that affect the majority of Australians; Negative Gearing….yeah, let’s get rid of it. See how affordable rental accommodation will be then. Superannuation….yeah, it’s only for the rich, let’s tear that apart now…bloody rich.

The economy is not something that you can just switch on and off at your whim. These policies support massive industries. Where do you think that superannuation is invested? Hmmm……BLOODY MINING you muppets. You know that “Big Polluter”, “Big Miner” industry that employs a crapload of Australians and generates……dare I say it….a friggin’ INCOME

let’s see what’s left for our grandchildren if these zealots ever get their day at the helm.


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