Productivity In Australia – Part1

August 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

Can I tell you why Productivity in Australia Sucks?

So….me an a few mates have a little business in the city of churches. We design and build tools for the mining industry. It’s a good little earner, but Jesus wept we struggle with the bureaucracy from time to time.

So we order a 3D printer from the US of A  (you know…we have a free trade agreement with them). So we pay for Express mail to Australia as we need to get this baby fired up to make some parts for our world leading technology.

Sure enough, the parcel takes four days to hit this wonderful shore of ours. Then…..nothing…The tracking says; “Held in Customs”. It sits there for a week before I ring Australia Post…

.”Nah, you gotta ring customs”. So I ring Customs (Sorry..”Immigration and Boarder Protection”).

“Yeah, mate, we’re sending you a letter”.

“Why don’t you just email me?”

“Yeah, mate, we don’t do email”.

So a week later, the letter arrives. I have to work out what the class of Tariff  is, scan all of the invoices (which are attached to the parcel anyway), fill out a bunch of paperwork and email it all back to them (they do do email).

A week later, I get the invoice.  $216 of GST and $48.50 for me to fill out the forms. I pay online instantly.

That was a week ago. Where’s the parcel??? You guessed it…”Held by Customs”.

My point is that Australian Business suffers as our bureaucracy are just a bunch of speedhumps that charge you a fee every time you bounce over one. They add no value whatsoever. Three bloody weeks just to get a parcel into the country. I’m just one business. Imagine how often this is going on every week. There’s a bunch of start up businesses out there who are just being bogged down by these mongrels that charge you a fee for doing absolutely nothing.

So why isn’t this an efficient process? They certainly generate enough revenue to invest in world best technology. The reason is simple…….the money goes to consolidated revenue. The government has turned every aspect of regulation we have into a revenue stream. Prices go up to increase revenue, but there is no added value being delivered. So the cost per unit output rises continuously. Productivity goes down the toilet.


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